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Feel like Bigfoot in a Bikini?

Feel like Bigfoot in a bikini? Shed your winter coat in time for summer with laser hair removal! It’s easy and affordable! Call (702)538-1616 for

Save $50 with Photofacials!

Photofacials Remove dark pigmentation from the skin. Combats acne and enlarged pores. Lightens redness in the skin. Stimulates collagen and elastin which helps improves the

Only $25 a session! Get your mustache in less than 15 minutes. Great for reducing hair and creating a smooth complexion. Almost immediately helps with

Brand new!  Easy non-surgical mole and skin tag removal.  We have a new natural herbal cream that is relatively painless, has no side effects, fast

Bring a friend or refer a friend and both of you save 20% off!  For a limited time, you and a friend will both get