Laser Hair Removal Las Vegas

No more shaving! With our SkinRN Laser hair removal process you will see a minimum of 90% hair growth reduction permanently. We use the newest most advanced equipment for our laser hair removal. Yes! We do Bikini line, Brazilian, facial, arm hair, eyebrows, legs and body hair.

SkinRN is the only practice in Las Vegas to use the new Cutera Prowave LX, and we also use Cutera YAG hair removal. These are premium lasers with real time calibration, ensuring your safety and maximum effectiveness. The ProwaveLX has a unique design that allows for treatment of large areas in a short amount of time. Most patients see at least a 90% reduction in hair growth after finishing three to six treatments.

Our patients always ask 2 questions;

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

Your comfort is very important to us. Our advanced equipment and expereinced staff is able to perform laser hair removal with very little discomfort to you. You will be done before you know it with no downtime. 

How much does Laser Hair Removal cost?

Each person is different, so we have to see you first. Most of our patients comment on how affordable it is.

SkinRN can treat all skin types, even darker skin. We can also treat lighter hairs that many clinics cannot.

The picture below is a great example of how much arm hair was removed with Laser Hair Removal.

laser hair removal arm hair

Facial hair for a woman is unwanted and it can be embarrassing. You do not have to live with facial hair anymore. Laser Hair Removal from SkinRN can reduce facial hair by 90% or even more. After a few treatments the facial hair will basically disappear.

laser hair removal in las vegas